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Glass Options

Measurably improve thermal performance with our ComforTech™ Warm Edge Glazing System. Every ComfortTech glass package features a NO-METAL spacer between the panes of glass and gas filled cavities that provide you with highly energy efficient glass and a warmer glass edge.

Mylar 10-Layer Vapor Barrier

The spacer used in our glass, Super Spacer®,is made from a thermoset foam matrix. Made with a 10-layer moisture barrer to keep moisture out, gas is kept in and conductivity is virtually nonexistent.

The NO-Metal Advantage

Because the spacer between our panes of glass is not metal, there is no loss of energy through conduction.

Withstands Normal Bowing

The design of our Warm Edge Glazing System stands up to the bending and bowing that is natural in any glass unit.

Enhanced Noise Reduction

Our all-foam formula has excellent sound-dampening properties that reduce outside noise, even in industrial environments.

SHGC is a measurement of how much of the sun’s heat is transmitted through the window or door.

It is best described in terms of a ratio; where one is the maximum solar heat gain that comes through a window and zero is the minimum. A window that has a SHGC of .3 will allow 30 percent of the sun’s heat to pass through.

What is DWT?

The DWT (Damage Weighted Transmittance) measures fading risk for furnishings and other materials. DLA-UV is 43% better than clear glass and 23% better than DLA.

DWT is calculated according to a function called Tdw-ISO, developed by the International Standards Organization and published by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), the world’s leading technical organization on light and illumination. The Tdw-ISO calculation measures fading risk from solar radiation across the entire solar light spectrum, from Ultra-Violet light through visible light. According to the CIE standard, which is considered more comprehensive than Ultra-Violet rating alone, our UV glass packages can minimize fading damage across the entire solar spectrum more effectively than glass designed primarily to block Ultra-Violet light.

All calculations based on 7/8″ thick, double glazed, single strength IG units using NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) methodology with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Windows 5.2 software.

NFRC is a non-profit, public/private organization created by the window, door and skylight industry.

NFRC’s primary goal is to provide accurate information to measure and compare the energy performance of window, door or skylight systems.

Other Glass Options:

  • Triple Glazed High Performance Low-E Argon or Krypton Glass
  • Inspirations™ Art Glass
  • Obscure Glass
  • Double Strength Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Tinted Glass in Bronze, Gray or Green
  • Azurlite® Glass


Each Inspirations Art Glass piece is made by hand.
The possibilities of color variations, striations and other natural effects mimic the look of stained glass and are not to be considered flaws. They are a natural characteristic of a hand-made product.

All our insulated Inspirations Art Glass has a Lifetime Limited Warranty which includes glass breakage and seal failure.