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Styles & Options

Double Hung

Enjoy the beauty of natural light while you save money

Aeris windows are durable in any season and available in a variety of ComforTechâ„¢ glazing packages. Our energy efficient glazing systems keep you cool in the summer, warm in winter to save on energy bills.

Casement and Awning

Aeris awning windows are hinged to let fresh air in and keep rain out. Our sturdy awning window products make adjusting to changing seasons simple and elegant.

Our casement windows are a great option in many situations and are easy to clean.


Aeris sliding windows maximize the beauty of your interiors while providing stunning visual connection to the outdoors and ventilation. Our horizontal slider window will complement virtually any home style, from contemporary to traditional with effortless cleaning and maintenance, while providing superior energy efficiency.


Frame the perfect picture

Aeris picture windows provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Bay & Bow

Bay and Bow windows are constructed using your choice of picture, double hungs, or casements. Choose the combination that will deliver exactly what your application requires.

Architectural Shapes

Create a unique look to your home with Architectural windows while adding personality & drama to any living space. Our Architectural window products are available in many color combinations of interior and exterior treatments, woodgrains, window grid patterns, and window glass options to further personalize your home.

Interior Finishes